Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve?

So here's what's happening and why I never have time to write my own blog -- only other people's blogs.

My dog has giardia. Google it. It's gross. It's a parasite. It affects her stomach. We are not getting any sleep here. But it all started as an unresolved case of swollen lymph nodes and we have no explanation for that yet. And that also makes me lose sleep.

Tonight we were attempting a "shoot" of an amateur music video with our son Will. Because who else would be more qualified to shoot a music video than my 51 year-old husband and I on our iPhones?

We will see how it turns out. At least it won't have dog noise in the background this time because I put the dog in the Tiguan while we filmed it. We call the Tiguan her apartment. She loves her apartment. 

I love my dog and I love my kid but I'm about as tired as I can get at this point. There's no more tired.  I'm so tired, I'm contemplating getting my AARP card finally. That's right. Bring it AARP. Bring it Depends and Metamucil and all the other indignities that await me. 

It's okay. I've been in this spot before when I was much younger. Like the time my mom and I had dynsentery at Abu Simbel. But that's another gross story for another day.

In the meantime, merry elfing Christmas all as my husband says. Here's the "music video." It looks like it was made in Yugoslavia.


  1. Sweet video. Hope you survived another Christmas. AARP ain't so bad.

  2. Thank you mystery commenter. I appreciate the tip. AARP card still sitting on my desk, glaring at me.