Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feeling Very @TheBloggess

I really love @TheBloggess aka Jenny. She is funny all the time but some of her posts I love the mostest are recounting conversations she has with her husband Victor.

Last night my husband and I has this conversation that reminded me of her.

Me: Remember that time you said I was the last one? That you'd never marry again?

Roy (not his real name): No.

Me: Sure you do. Remember how I was feeling all superior until you went on to explain that you'd never marry again but you'd have sex again.

Roy: Oh yeah.

Me: So how long would you wait?

Roy: Huh?

Me: You know, until you had sex again?

Roy: I'd wait a year.

Me: A year until you had sex or a year until you started dating?

Roy: I'd wait a year to start dating and then in another six months, I'd have sex again.

Me: So a year and a half all told?

Roy: Yes.

Me: Liar.

Me (again): What if at the point when you decided to have sex again, you had a wooden leg?

Roy: They don't make them out of wood anymore.

Me: Well let's just say they did.

Roy: That's a ridiculous premise.

Me: Okay what if you had a prosthetic face? Or half a prosthetic face like the Phantom of the Opera.

Roy: I'd be incredible. Women would love me.

Me: Right. And then you could perform at the Winter Garden Theater for thirty-five years.

Roy: That was Cats.

Me: Oh

BTW the photo above is my husband if he were a character in the second longest running show on Broadway, Cats the Musical.

The first longest running show on Broadway? Phantom of the Opera.

I should've married Andrew Lloyd Webber.

About Andrew Lloyd Webber from his official website:
He was knighted in 1992 and created an honorary life peer in 1997.

Honorary life peer?

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