Monday, August 17, 2009

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

For anyone who read my old blog (, you know I like to devote about 25% of content to George Clooney. So kicking off this here new blog, I've decided to write about George's latest lady friend, Elisabetta Canalis. I'm not sure why George continually pursues these other women when I'm right here. But he does. So I will. Continue. To write.

Today in my dungeon of a laundry room I was thinking about all the things I probably have in common with Elisabetta Canalis, how we are almost interchangeable. Here's the list:

  1. Elisabetta is a stunning brunette. I am also a brunette underneath all this blonde.
  2. The name Elisabetta ends in "double consonant--a" sound. So does my name Rebecca.
  3. George and Elisabetta met in Rome. I've been to Rome.
  4. George is 48 years-old and Elisabetta is 31 years-old. I'm somewhere in between.
  5. Elisabetta models underwear. I wear underwear.
  6. Elisabetta works in television. I've been on television. Yes The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show counts.
  7. Elisabetta played a naughty nun in the film Virgin Territory. (what you never heard of it?) I dressed up as a nun for the Beaux Arts Ball at Tulane.
  8. Elisabetta has EMINEM tattooed on her forearm. I once owned the 8 Mile soundtrack.
  9. Elisabetta has two X chromosomes. So do I.
  10. Elisabetta frequently appears topless in photographs. I frequently appear topless in my bathroom window, much to the chagrin of the house painters next door.


  1. George Clooney gave me a foot rub by the fire at the funeral last weekend - where were you? Oh, that's right, doing shots of Jack Daniels with Peggy and Peter, the other Tulane "grads"...

  2. So what you're saying is I got to see his back surgery scar and bits of butt and you got a foot rub?